If you have any issues with uploading your photo, please reach out. We are happy to help!

Can I order frames from this site?
This site is for panels only. To purchase one of our frames please visit our retailers page here: Brayden & Brooks Retailers

    Do I need to crop my photo?
    It is best to submit an uncropped photo. This will allow us the extra room needed to ensure your photo will be centered in your frame. 

    Will I receive a proof?
    For our standard sized frames, we do not typically send proofs. If you are wanting a proof, we can send a proof prior to printing. Please email us if this is needed. 

    Why is there a border or blank canvas showing around my photo?
    In order to insure your photo is centered and there is no photo edge showing through your frame, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the photo so that it has a border or in some cases a partial border around the photo. This will be hidden behind your frame. 

    Want to update your Photo Frame?
    All of our frames are updatable. If you want to update your photo frame, please scan the QR Code and purchase your new photo panel. Did your photo panel not come with a QR Code? Contact us and we will walk you through ordering a new panel.